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Over 100 Free Tools is a free resource site for webmasters to take some of the hassle out of creating everyday items for their website. Within this website, you will find a number of different online generators, tools and converters that are all free to use.

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GenerateIt Tools

Tool Categories

View a sample of our most used tools from each category.

Coding ToolsSee all

CSS Minify and Beautify

Format your CSS code to either make it easier to read or minify your CSS code.

CSS Gradient Generator

Easily create CSS gradients using this online generator. You'll be able to create either linear or radial gradients.

Compile LESS to CSS

Compile your LESS code to CSS style code to use in your webpage with this easy to use tool.

RegEx Tester

Test your regular expressions here to find out if they work against selected text.

Color ToolsSee all

Lighten Color

Enter a color and this tool will give you lighter shades of color, download color codes in different formats.

Darken Color

Enter a color and this tool will give you darker shades of color, download color codes in different formats.

Blend Colors

Interesting online tool that will give you a blended color of two selected colors.

Color Converter

Simple to use tool to find out different codes for a color you enter. Also displays complimentary colors that might be useful.

Image ToolsSee all

Image to Base64 Converter

Convert images to Base64 text, just upload or drop an image for instant results.

Image to Sepia

Looking for a sepia tone to add to your images, use this tool to create a sepia effect.

Avatar Generator

This generator will create a custom avatar that you can use and share with friends.

Customize SVG Icons

Customize SVG icons, change color and size from the Bootstrap icon range, save as PNG or SVG.

Website ToolsSee all

Count Characters / Words

Online tool that will calculate how many characters, words and sentences that are in your text.

Cron Job Generator

Create cron job syntax with this easy to use Cron Job Generator. Take the guess work out of creating your next cron job.

Mod Rewrite Generator

The Mod Rewrite Generator can be used to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static URLs. Perfect for SEO.

Check GZIP Compression

Handy tool that will check a website to see if GZIP is enabled or not. Sites load faster with GZIP enabled.

CalculatorsSee all

Area Conversion

With this tool you'll be able to convert between metric and imperial, currently nine different area conversions.

Length Conversion

This tool will help you convert between eight different metric and imperial lengths, easy to use.

Speed Conversion

The speed conversion calculator will assist you in converting between metric and imperial speeds.

Volume Conversion

Work out different volume measurements with this calculator, currently 17 volumes that can be converted.

Miscellaneous ToolsSee all

Password Generator

This password generator will allow you to create a range of strong passwords using a combination of letters and numbers.

QR Decoder

The QR decoder will reveal the data that has been encoded in a QR Image.

URL Shortener

Shorten your long URL to short links. To expand a shortened URL use this tool.

Source Code Viewer

If you have a page that won't let you view the source, this tool will display the code for you.