Barcode Generator

This barcode generator can produce 13 different styles of barcodes, all free of charge. Just enter all relevant information and then click 'Generate Barcode' to produce your new barcode. You can also customize the colors and size of the generated barcode.

CODE128 - This barcode is an alphanumeric symbol capable of encoding digits 0-9, upper and lowercase letters A-Z and all standard ASCII symbols. Code 128 is variable length, the more characters, the larger the symbol will be.

Barcode Line Width: 2px
Barcode Line Height: 100px
Background Color
Line Color

How to Use?

The barcode generator is a handy tool to create a variety of different barcodes, follow the instructions below to begin:

  1. To begin, select the type of barcode you would like to generate.
  2. Select the data you would like to include in the barcode.
  3. Enter the line width and height for the barcode.
  4. Select the background and bar colors that you would like to use.
  5. Click on 'Generate Barcode' for the new barcode to be displayed where you can now download to your computer.