Count Characters & Words

Free and easy to use character and word counter. This online tool will help you calculate the number of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs that are included in your text. Simply paste or start writing in the field below and the character count will automatically update with the information required. We have also included an approx reading time for the text and the 20 most used keywords.

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How to Use?

The character count online webtool is a convenient way to count charactes, words and sentences if your text.

  1. Enter or start writing your text in the text area above.
  2. As you write, the character, word and sentence count will automatically update.
  3. You can also view a list of the top 20 keywords that have been used in your text file.
  4. A range of stopwords are excluded from your keyword count, to change click on 'Edit Stopwords'.
  5. Here you will be able to add or remove stopwords fro the list.