Miscellaneous Tools

Here you will find a collection of tools that does not fit into any other category. Just some of the tools that are on offer here are: password generator, qr decoder and a tool to view the source code of a webpage. Other tools are available, just scroll below to explore what's on offer.

Miscellaneous Tools

Password Tools

Password Generator

This password generator will allow you to create a range of strong passwords using a combination of letters and numbers.

Password Strength Tester

Check to see how strong your password is with this online password strength tester. Strong passwords are vital for web security.

Password Pwned?

This free online tool is very handy to find out if a password has been involved in any data breaches.

Other Tools

GPS Coordinates

This generator makes it easy to find the latitude and longitude of a point using Google Maps.

QR Decoder

The QR decoder will reveal the data that has been encoded in a QR Image.

Facebook Likes

This tool will let you know how many likes, shares and comments a website has.

URL Shortener

Shorten your long URL to short goo.gl links. To expand a shortened URL use this tool.

Source Code Viewer

If you have a page that won't let you view the source, this tool will display the code for you.

Spider View

Allows you to view the perspective of a search engine spider or robot.

Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader

Download images and video thumbnails from Vimeo using our free online Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber tool.

Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

Youtube thumbnail grabber (downloader) is an online free tool that will download thumbnails from the video that you enter.