Compile Stylus to CSS

This online tool will compile your Stylus code into CSS style code that can be used within your webpages or external stylesheets. With Stylus code that does not use open and close braces or semi-colons, when you compile your code with this tool, all opening braces, closing braces and semi-colons will be inserted into the CSS code.

Stylus Code
CSS Code

How to Use?

The stylus to css compiler is a webtool that is designed to compile your stylus code to css code.

  1. Enter the stylus code you would like compiled into the textarea above.
  2. Click on 'Compile' for the code to be compiled into a css stylesheet.
  3. Once it has been compiled, you may download a cs file or copy the code to the clipboard.
  4. If you need to check out how this tool works first, click on 'Sample' to see what happens.
  5. Your newly compiled css code can now be used in your projects.