Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber

Download images and video thumbnails from Vimeo using our free online Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber tool. You will be presented with a range of different sizes and quality images that you can download to your computer or mobile device. Every Vimeo video already has a thumbnail image that was chosen by the creator before the video was uploaded; all you need to do is copy that URL. When you enter it into our form, our tool quickly contacts the Vimeo servers to retrieve the thumbnail image you want. You will also be presented with information about the Vimeo video, such as: title, description, duration of video and a few other details.

Please enter a valid Vimeo URL to view thumbnails.
URL formats accepted are:

How to Use?

The Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber will download thumbnails in a variety of sizes and qualities. Very easy to use.

  1. Once you find the Vimeo video you would like to grab the thumbnails from, just enter the URL into the field above.
  2. When the thumbnails have been downloaded, you will be presented with diferent sizes that you can download.
  3. You can now download the thumbnails to your computer or device, or click on 'Copy' to copy the URL to the clipboard.
  4. This tool will accept a range of different Vimeo URLs.