Calculator Tools

Have you ever needed to convert millimetres to metres or change a temperature from fahrenheit to celsius? Well look no further, below you will find a collection of calculators that will assist you with unit conversions. All the calculators are easy to use, just enter a value in any field on the calculator and the values will be automatically updated with different units of measurements.

Calculator Tools

Unit Conversion Calculators

Angle Conversion

Convert between a variety of different angles, such as: Turn, Radian, Degree and Gradian.

Area Conversion

With this tool you'll be able to convert between metric and imperial, currently nine different area conversions.

Frequency Conversion

If you need to convert between different frequencies, use this online tool to assist with the process.

Fuel Consumption Conversion

Need to work out your fuel consumption? Use this tool to make it easy and convert with metric and imperial.

Length Conversion

This tool will help you convert between eight different metric and imperial lengths, easy to use.

Mass / Weight Conversion

Our mass / weight conversion calculator is great to see what different weights will convert to.

Pressure Conversion

With this tool you will be able to convert between ten different pressure values.

Speed Conversion

The speed conversion calculator will assist you in converting between metric and imperial speeds.

Storage (Digital) Conversion

Work out the different digital storage values using this free online calculator.

Temperature Conversion

Need to transfer between Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin or Rankine? This calculator will help.

Time Conversion

If you need to convert different time values, use this calculator that has twelve time values.

Volume Conversion

Work out different volume measurements with this calculator, currently 17 volumes that can be converted.