Responsive Website Test

Test your website to see how well it stacks up to responsive design, sites that are designed to be responsive will generally appear higher in search engine rankings. This tool will show you how your website looks on various devices and screen sizes. Just enter your website in the area below and click submit, once the site is loaded, you can change the device to see how the site will look. Please be patient while the page loads.

How to Use?

The responsive webpage tester will show you how your webpage looks in different screen sizes.

  1. To begin with, enter the website you would like to test and click on 'Submit'.
  2. Once the website loads, you can change the screen size from the dropdown box to see how it reacts.
  3. Responsive websites are the norm these days, so it is wise to see how your pages look on different platforms.
  4. You can now see if the website is working correctly and looks OK for your end users.