Encode / Decode HTML Entities

This tool will encode HTML entities so that you can display source code on your webpage without problems occurring. HTML Entities are used for displaying the special characters in HTML which would otherwise be interpreted as part of the HTML code. They are also used as alternative to characters which are not present in a standard keyboard. HTML entity begins with an ampersand (&) and ends with a semicolon (;).

How to Use?

The encode / decode HTML entities is a great tool to use to help if you need to display HTML code on your webpage.

  1. Enter any HTML code into the top text area.
  2. Once you click on 'Encode', the entered data will then be encoded so that it can be displayed on a webpage.
  3. If you would like to decode data, enter the text into the textarea and click on 'Decode'
  4. Copy the encoded or decoded ouput to the clipboard by clicking on 'Copy'.
  5. Clicking on 'Clear' will clear all data in the input and output fields.