Website Tools

GenerateIt has put together a collection of tools that will help with various tasks to do with your website and server. If you need to check if your server has gZip enabled we have a tool for that, or if you need to change your dynamic URLs to search friendly URLs, just use our easy to use mod rewrite generator. Explore the tools we have available below.

Website Tools

Website Tools

Case Converter

This online case converting tool will make it easier to change text from one format to another.

Count Characters / Words

Online tool that will calculate how many characters, words and sentences that are in your text.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

The Lorem Ipsum Code Generator creates placeholder content using latin passages. Great when creating a new site.

Encode HTML Entities

This tool will encode HTML entities so that you can display source code on your webpage without problems occurring.

Responsive Website Test

Test your website to see how well it stacks up to responsive design.

Bootstrap Button Generator

Create and customize bootstrap buttons using this visual online generator.

Form Generator

Online website form generator, this tool will take the guess work out of creating new contact forms for your website.

Whois Lookup

Find out the Whois information about a domain or if not registered, purchase the domain.

Google Malware Checker

Make sure your site or other sites are not infected with malware by using this online tool.

Server Tools

Cron Job Generator

Create cron job syntax with this easy to use Cron Job Generator. Take the guess work out of creating your next cron job.

DNS Lookup

This tool will lookup the DNS records for a given domain. Great to verify if the records entered with your hosting provider are correct.

DNS Propagation Checker

This tool will check a variety of different DNS records against a list of DNS servers located around the world.

.htaccess Error Page Generator

Create an error page list to enter into your htaccess file. Simple to use, just specify the location of your error pages.

Mod Rewrite Generator

The Mod Rewrite Generator can be used to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static URLs. Perfect for SEO.

Check GZIP Compression

Handy tool that will check a website to see if GZIP is enabled or not. Sites load faster with GZIP enabled.

HTTP Header Viewer

View the headers of the site of your choice, exactly what your browser reads.

Redirect Checker

Use Redirect Checker to seamlessly analyze and track the complete path of URL redirects.

What's My IP

This tool will detect and display your public IP address.