Javascript Deobfuscator

The online Javascript Deobfuscator or Unpacker, as it is sometimes referred as, is an online tool that decodes obfuscated or packed JavaScript source code. It restores the Javascript code to its original state so that revisions or editing is made easier.

Obfuscated Code

Javascript Code


How to Use?

The javascript deobfuscator is a handy little tool that will deocde javascript files that have been obfuscated.

  1. Enter obfuscated javascript code in the textarea above.
  2. Click on 'Deobfuscate Code' for the decoded javascript to show.
  3. You can now either download the code or copy the code to the clipboard.
  4. If you would just like to test out this online tool, click on 'Sample' which you can then test.
  5. Unfortunately, this tool will not decode all types of obfuscated javascript.