Mod Rewrite Generator

The Mod Rewrite Generator can be used to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static URLs. Static URLs typically rank better in search engines than long complex dynamic URLs with lots of parameters, they are easier to index in the first place and they're also friendlier looking to the end user.

The apache module mod_rewrite converts urls in a certain format to another format, and can be very useful in helping a site with dynamic content to be indexed.

Using this tool you can transform long dynamic URLs into short static URLs.

Enter your dynamic URL and click Rewrite URL to generate your new URL:

For example, you may enter the URL:
and transform it into

How to Use?

The mod rewrite generator is a great tool to assist you in creating mod rewrite rules for your htaccess file.

  1. Copy and paste a dynamic url into the text box above.
  2. Click on 'Rewrite URL' for options and code for your htaccess file.
  3. You now have options where you can change parameters, prefix, delimiters and suffix.
  4. Once you are happy with your choices, click on 'Done'.
  5. The rewrite rule will be generated, which you can copy and paste into your htaccess file.