Gradient to Image Generator

The gradient to image generator can create either a linear gradient or radial gradient image. These images can be utilised as background images in your design or as a wallpaper. This online tool also generates the CSS code that can be used on a website to create a similar gradient. You can easily customise the gradients colours as well as the gradients direction and position. Once you are happy with the gradient, you can then download the image with a PNG format.

Color 1:

Color 2:

Gradient Type:

Image Size:

Blended color:

CSS Code:

Please check out our CSS Gradient Generator for more advanced options.

How to Use?

The gradient to image generator has had a complete revamp with a few more options.

  1. Choose your first color by either entering the color code or selecting from the color picker.
  2. Select the second color you would like to create your gradient with.
  3. Next, you have the option to create a linear gradient or radial gradient.
  4. Deoending on the above choice, you'll then be able to select the direction or position of the gradient.
  5. Lastly to download your new gradient, enter the desired width and height, then click 'Download' for the image to be created and downloaded.