Password Pwned?

This free online tool is very handy to find out if a password has been involved in any data breaches. The tool will check a database maintained by 'Have I Been Pwned', which is updated often. If a password has been found, it is recommended that you change you password to one that is more secure.
Please use our Password Strength Tester and Password Generator to find and test a new password.


How to Use?

The Password Pwned? online webtool is a great tool to use to check your current password to see if it has been involded in any password breaches.

  1. Enter your current password and click on 'Submit' to to see if it has been breached.
  2. No passwords are sent to the server, it uses a function called k-anonymity to encrypt the data sent.
  3. You will then receive a response, detailing if the password has or has not been involved in a breach.
  4. If you find that the password has been breached, we recommend you change it immediately to a secure password.
  5. Use an online password manager to store all of your current passwords and notes.